Deceased Estate

Administrators in Probate Dispute

Court appointed Administrators in a probate dispute where the plaintiff is seeking to propound the Will of the deceased. The dispute involves the ownership of various assets with a total value of HKD440 million, including the beneficial ownership of shares in various companies, bank and securities accounts, properties, cars and other chattels situated in Hong Kong, PRC and USA.

Our work includes establishing the assets and liabilities of the Estate, establishing sufficient control of the assets, protecting and preserving the assets pending the resolution of associated legal claims and undertaking investigations and reporting to Court in respect of the assets and liabilities of the Estate.

Ancillary probates have been commenced in a number of jurisdictions including the British Virgin Islands, California and Nevada with respect to safeguarding the Estate’s assets situated outside of Hong Kong.

An integral part of our work involves working together with the parties to develop a broad strategy in respect of each of the material assets and how they should be safeguarded until the Court ultimately decides who is entitled to the assets.

Key People