Deceased Estate

Expert Forensic Accountant

Appointed expert forensic accountant for the residual beneficiaries over the Estate of a Founder of a large corporate group in Hong Kong.  The Estate has assets in excess of HKD5 billion and investigations were required in respect of claims made against the Estate and the alleged dissipation of assets immediately prior to the death of the Founder.

Our work included investigating the amount due by the Estate to a Liberian entity controlled by one of the beneficiaries of under the Will of the Deceased and assessing the merits associated with these claims.

Our work further included reviewing various documents associated with the claims made by the Liberian entity and examining the work of the expert forensic accountant for the Liberian entity, in order to make an assessment as to validate or dispute those claims.

Our work has successfully assisted our client to obtain a summary judgment in the High Court of Hong Kong ordering in her favour.

Key People