Divorce – Forensic Accountant

Valuation of Matrimonial Estate, Expert Report

Appointed forensic accountant on behalf of the Husband to value a pool of international marital assets with a value of over HKD650 million in respect of substantial contested divorce proceedings in Hong Kong.

Our work included establishing the assets and liabilities of the matrimonial estate; analysing the parties’ financial needs to facilitate a clean break-up with reference to the marital standard of living; investigating and resolving various disputes involving alleged undisclosed assets and unexplained transactions in respect of the matrimonial estate; and preparing the relevant reports to the Court.

Our work further required working with the forensic accountant of the Wife to minimise the disagreements of the two parties in respect of the matrimonial estate, the alleged undisclosed assets and unexplained transactions, preparing joint expert reports to the Court setting out the valuations of the parties’ assets and liabilities and issues of disagreements in respect of the matrimonial estate and acting as an expert witness to give evidence before the High Court of HKSAR during the ancillary relief trial.

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