Hedge Fund

Liquidation & Asset Realisation

Appointed Voluntary Liquidators of a group of 5 funds, including Cayman Master Fund, Feeder and SPV, plus Delaware Feeder and SPV. Our work involves the solvent winding up of the 5 entities, which are nearing the end of their corporate life, including completion of all statutory and regulatory requirements such as FATCA and CRS reporting and completion of the final stub period audit, engagement with the former investment manager to liquidate residual illiquid asset positions and distribute final assets to investors. Our strategy includes taking steps in the Cayman Islands to take advantage of its public policy that foreign taxes, fines and penalties are generally not admissible against a company in liquidation. Such steps will enable the distribution to investors of an estimated USD10 million currently held as a provision for contingent tax liabilities in various jurisdictions.


Key People