Restaurant Chain

Operational & Financial Restructuring & Sale

A leading international private equity firm acquired a majority equity stake in a PRC-based restaurant chain in 2013, funded through a leveraged buyout with two facilities provided by a syndicate of 6 international banks. We were initially appointed by the syndicate as IFA to assess the financial position and operational performance, prospects and options available. We recommended that the company be placed in receivership and we were appointed as receivers and directors. Our work included:

• establishing the financial and operational position;
• determining the reliability the business plans, financial models and cash flow forecasts;
• establishing recommendations in respect of the restructuring of the financial and operational affairs;
• performing valuation analysis, assess and implementing the preferred recommendations and monitoring and reporting on the results;
• assess the short term liquidity and cashflow forecast of the company;
• performing a high level commercial review  to establish competitive advantages, operational strategy and cost cutting initiatives;
• stabilising operations and working with Management to expand and increase revenue; and
• positioning the company for sale and liaising with the syndicate regularly in respect of the initiation and conduct of any sale process.

Key People